Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 12 My porridge is cooling...again

I've been somewhat distracted with the garden these past few days/weeks; the jungle has really been let go to an extent that the Biddelonian Pygmies have demanded the title of the backyard for their soirees and hunting parties.
And I have been told I must warn all Dunolly residents for when we move up there - if you happen to catch the weird old bat lying down in her garden it's ok, I haven't really fallen (and can't find my beer)'s just that with my rooted back I find it much easier to literally lie down on the job of weeding even if I do resemble a fallen elephant in the throes of agony.
My mind is fermenting with water crystals, gardenias, geraniums, lavender, daisies, the odd bag of cow manure and rockeries.
Speaking of Moo Poo, I'm waiting to be disabused but my opinion of the product we bought at a new-ish hardware chain store is...poor. Having just used up a bag of the stuff from the Oakleigh Produce Store (where all the garden and pet products are bloody top notch stuff) I was frankly disgusted with the chain store was covered in a white mould (hello, Legionaries?) clumped together in cement-hard lumps and looked as organic as the asphalt on the road.
They say you get what you pay for and at 5 bags for $20 in a recent sale, we got cheap and nasty.

I have really got to applaud the builders next door, they have done a marvellous job and have been very respectful in their work hours and noise; they keep their radio turned down low (too low for my liking, they ignore my telling them to turn it up louder), no power tools before 8.30am even though they're on the job quietly by 7am and they've restumped the house while extending it and have done a bloody ripper of a job to boot, the house looks great.
Roofers are in tomorrow, the windows are in, spouting is done, internal plastering and outside cladding and whatever insulation is to be done.
When I find out the name of the building company I'll certainly share it here, they've been really good.

Today in 1903 the body of a wealthy swagman was found lying on the road near Dandenong, Victoria.
Read HERE for further details of this curious case!
I will have a hunt on the BDM records later to see if his identity was ever resolved.

Bee keeping was a lucrative business as was seen in 1881 when it was reported today that 13.6 litres of honey was taken from a bee tree in the Victoria Plains district of Westralia.

Gnung-a Gnung-a Mur-re-mur-gan, the first Australian Aboriginal to visit America in 1793, was found dead (in present day Sirius Park, Sydney) today in 1809; his death was thought to be related to old injuries inflicted by warrior Pemulwuy.

Yumba, meaning town camp, was the first hostel of the Aboriginal Hostels Limited to be opened today in Brisbane in 1974; it provided accommodation for women entering the workforce and continues to operate in West Brisbane.