Tuesday, January 14, 2014

14 January babble

So, I'm lounging on the couch in a shocking display of non-lady-likeness or whatever,attempting to get used to this el cheap tablet we bought a couple of decades ago or so it seems.
I will try to do the usual suspect  research for today but don't hold your breath, dead and blue is soooo last seasons fashion.

Seems today in 1907 sucked hairy dogs balls for former South Oz gov'ner Sir James Fergusson  cos he gave up eating and drinking after an earthquake snaffled him in Jamaica.

Hmm, let's see...
1699, 1830, 1911 bucket loads of explorers going to see what they could see...stuff I've no doubt blathered about in years past.I just love how they discovered things...or found stuff...like the rivers, mountains and whatnot were previously lost or mislaid.

1890 saw those doyennes of female rights form The Women's Trade Union of South Oz and a call for equal pay for equal work.
Keep calling, ladies, I don't think the buggers have heard you yet!

Not much else coming to light or it could be the angle at which I'm sprawling.
Currently 45 degrees Celsius (that's a bajillion degrees in the old money) in the backyard shade, hope to goodness everyone is able to stay in the cool.